Tom Mones - comical parody of a Welsh superstar crooner

Tom Mones to appear at Glastonbury

Tom Mones - comedy croonerTom Mones has being let out on day release from his care home “Past Caring” and is taking the stage for a good moan at Glastonbury 2017.

If you fancy a good comedy moan, then head over to the Cabaret Tent this Sunday to see our parody of a Welsh superstar, Tom Mones, performing to the crowds.   Located in the Theatre & Circus area of the Glastonbury Festival.

Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain, or else he won’t get his zimmer through the mud.  And if it’s still sunny, then he’ll probably moan about that too!

Join him for comedy songs, you may get “The Green, Green Grass of the Old People’s Home” or his hit “Alzheimers” – who knows, it depends how his memory is!

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