Tom Mones - comical parody of a Welsh superstar crooner

The Oldest Hip Flicker in Town is back: Tom Mones

Tom Mones
Tom Mones

Fresh from his sun lounger on the Green Green Grass at the Old People’s home, Tom Mones is back delighting audiences with his false hip flicks and high notes. Dressed in his vintage tight leather trousers and ruffle shirt, Tom is a clear parody of the UK’s favourite chair spinner.

Since joining the ranks of the ‘Past Caring – Home of the stars’, Tom is now constantly moaning on about his physical demise through song… if he can remember the words! His rare appearances are always accompanied by screaming women, knicker slinging and his trusty Zimmer. If he makes it on stage without a fall, it won’t take long for you to be singing along to his reworked classics. You’ll be amazed he can still hit those high notes at his age!

A night with Tom is a night you won’t forget, but he must likely will – get your drawers ready!


To book Tom Mones contact Peter Perke Productions on 020 8650 0411 or on email at


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