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Tom Mones

A Comical Parody of a Welsh Superstar

Tom Mones will moan on to his audience about his ailments, old age and life in the “Past Caring” old people’s home.

Tom will entertain his audience through hilarious songs including the “Green, Green Grass of the Old People’s Home” and “What’s up with my Pussycat?”

Tom is the ideal host for an evening of entertainment and regularly comperes at Wild Cabaret in Glasgow, he is perfect for comedy guest spots as his re-worked version of ‘Delilah’ – “Alzheimers” has audiences singing along with the Welsh Legend.

Thank you so much to you, Georg, the band and Izzy for making our evening on Saturday so special, we had a wonderful time. Everyone raved about the band afterwards and said that they really enjoyed the music so I think a good time was had by all thanks to you


Birthday Party at Felridge Hotel & Spa

Videos of Tom Mones